1st week of March, 2016: Chicks & Onions

Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red cross chicks

Our biggest news this week is the arrival of our chicks! We picked up some Rhode Island Red/ Rhode Island White cross chicks last Wednesday, and quickly decided to get an additional 15 Barred Rocks. Both will lay brown eggs, starting some time in July or August, which we’ll have available at the farm stand. At the moment, they spend their time sleeping, eating, and running in circles around their box, but we’re looking forward to introducing them to the great outdoors once they’ve grown! We had chickens before we moved to Wilbraham, and were endlessly amused by their antics, so we’re excited to be getting back into the chicken game again.

onion seedlings

On the produce side of things, our onions have sprouted! We grow them from seed, and they need to be started extra early in order to grow to a reasonable size once they’re transplanted outside. This year we’ll have three varieties: one red, one yellow storage, and one sweet onion. We’ll also have scallions, but they’ll get started later. Next week, we’ll be starting our first flower seeds indoors; this year we’re planning for a much wider variety of flowers at the farm stand, as well as some that we’re growing just for the benefit of the bees.

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