On into April: more bees, and seeds in the ground

late march beds
Newly seeded beds of sugar snap peas.

With the warm weather we’ve been having, we were able to prep beds to seed our first planting of sugar snap peas this week. They should be fine through the snow this weekend, and hopefully won’t be slowed down too much by the lows in the teens that are predicted this week. Either way, it seemed worth the gamble.

bee package
Emptying out a new package of bees.

We brought in two new packages of bees this week. A package of bees includes about 10,000 bees, including workers (females), drones (males), a queen, and a can of sugar syrup to keep them fed. They typically come from Georgia, where bee-keeping conditions are more favorable year-round. Including our two over-wintered hives from last season, we’ll be starting the season with a total of four hives this year, assuming they all make it through the cold snap this week.

We’ve been making modifications to our greenhouse to help maintain more uniform temperatures (it doesn’t have a heater, so we’re using a combination of geothermal and solar energy to keep it warm). More on that next week, after we see how it handles the weather this week.

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