3rd week of April, 2016: raised beds and a coop

raised beds
Freshly dug raised beds in our lower field, awaiting transplants

With plans to start transplanting seedlings out into the field in the next few days, we’ve spent a lot of time this past week getting beds prepped for them. We plowed and harrowed with our tractor, but have dug raised beds by hand this year (we don’t have a bed shaper). We’ve also been continuing to seed more trays of seedlings in the greenhouse, and bumping up seedlings from smaller containers to bigger containers, so it’s gotten pretty full in the greenhouse.

The goats vying for positions on their favorite log
One of our barred rock chickens exploring the great outdoors

The goats and chickens are spending more and more time outside as they get older and the weather warms. The chickens are still spending nights in a big box in the greenhouse where we can regulate the temperature, but this weekend Brian was working on their coop. We got the coop on craigslist, but Brian has gutted it down to the studs and given it a deep, deep cleaning, insulated it, and added additional windows. It still needs a bit of work, but will be ready for the chickens to move into soon!

Brian working on renovating the chicken coop


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