4th week of April, 2016

a bed of spinach

It’s been a busy week! The chickens have moved out into their newly renovated coop, where they have more space and better access to their yard.

The greenhouse is just about full to overflowing with seedlings, although we’ve begun transplanting seedlings out into the garden, including lettuce, beets, chard, onions, and lots of spinach. Turnips, radishes, peas, and potatoes have sprouted. With just a month to go until we open the farm stand and head to our first farmer’s market, there is lots to do!

Brian filling an observation hive with bees

Saturday we were at Wilbraham’s Community Garden Plow Day, watching the community gardens get plowed by teams of draft horses. We brought an observation beehive that Brian put together so people could watch the bees at work. It was great to see so many people enthusiastic about bees and beekeeping!

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