1st week of May, 2016

With all the rain this past week, we’ve been doing lots of transplanting. You may have noticed that many of the beds in our pictures are covered in white row cover. This serves two functions–it provides slightly higher temperatures, and helps keep out insect pests. In particular, we use them over beds of spinach (to keep out leaf miners), kale and other leafy greens like arugula and mustard greens (to keep out flea beetles), turnips (to keep out root maggots) and potatoes (to keep out Colorado potato beetles). Although certain pesticides are approved for organic use, using row covers allows us to avoid spraying.

Row cover over beds of turnips, greens, and kale

The rain also gave us time inside to plan, and we’ve been working on finalizing our summer schedule. In addition to our roadside farm stand, which will open at the beginning of June, we’ll be at farmer’s markets in Hampden (123 Allen St, Saturdays, 10-2), Springfield (1383 Wilbraham Rd, Mondays, 2-6) and South Hadley (Thursdays, 2-6). We’re excited for the start of the new season!

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