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Week of April 17

This past week has brought almost two inches of rain, some glorious sunshine, and one chilly night (had to cover up the strawberries to protect the flowers from freezing). There still isn’t too much growing out in the fields, but inside the high tunnels it definitely looks (and feels!) like spring.

The farm stand will be open this Saturday from 10-2 with the first harvests from some of our spring plantings! You’ll notice that they’re more tender and the flavors tend to be milder than they would be on more mature greens–especially noticeable with things like arugula. Next Saturday (April 30), we’ll be selling seedlings up at the annual Plow Day at the Wilbraham Community Gardens (unless it’s raining–can’t plow when it gets too wet). It’s always a treat watching the teams of draft horses plow the garden–stop by if you can! Then, starting May 7, the farm stand will be open every Saturday with fresh veggies and seedlings to fill your gardens. We’ve got lots of herb, veggie, and flower seedlings started…. including 15+ varieties of tomatoes!

This week at the farm stand we’ll have: spinach (lots!), salad mix (lots!), arugula (lots!), nice chunky bok choy, broccoli rabe, cilantro, flat leaf parsley, Swiss chard, curly kale (first harvest of the spring–not as tightly curled as it’ll be later in the season).

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