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Week of May 15

Weather has been all over the place this past week, but the rain showers have been very welcome, and the plants seem to be thriving. Here’s hoping the hot Saturday that’s forecast doesn’t stress them out too much! If you pick up plants at the farm stand this weekend, I’d recommend holding off a day or two to plant them, or at least planting in the late afternoon and watering well so they get a chance to settle in before they have to face the heat. This week’s big excitement at the farm has been our summer employees starting back to work, which has made a world of difference. Tomato plants are being pruned and tied up in the high tunnel as I write this, which feels like a miracle!

Our spring plant sale continues this Saturday. The stand will be staffed from 10am-4pm, and open self-serve the rest of the time. We’ll be restocking basil, cilantro, dill, parsley, watermelon, cucumbers, and zucchini in time for the weekend as well (currently they’re sold out). We are starting to sell out of some of the perennial herbs, so if you want any of those, I’d recommend picking them up soon. We still have lots of flowers to attract pollinators and beneficial insects to your gardens (including tithonia/ Mexican sunflower, which wasn’t quite ready in time for last weekend). And we’ll be bringing out more peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes in time for the weekend as well.

Saturday at the farmstand we’ll also have ranunculus and snapdragon bouquets, plus lots of spring veggies (mostly the same selection as last week, with the addition of some very nice scallions). This week’s veggies at the farm stand will be: beautiful spring scallions, spinach (first harvest of outdoor spinach this spring, and it’s looking great!), salad mix, baby kale mix, mizuna, arugula, bok choy, cilantro & dill.

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