4th week of April, 2016

It’s been a busy week! The chickens have moved out into their newly renovated coop, where they have more space and better access to their yard. The greenhouse is just about full to overflowing with seedlings, although we’ve begun transplanting seedlings out into the garden, including lettuce, beets, chard, onions, and lots of spinach. Turnips, […]

3rd week of April, 2016: raised beds and a coop

With plans to start transplanting seedlings out into the field in the next few days, we’ve spent a lot of time this past week getting beds prepped for them. We plowed and harrowed with our tractor, but have dug raised beds by hand this year (we don’t have a bed shaper). We’ve also been continuing […]

1st week of April, 2016: greenhouse report

Having made it through a 17-degree night with our unheated greenhouse full of seedlings, we’re feeling better about our design! Our setup includes a number of 55-gallon barrels full of water that absorb heat during the day while the sun shines on them, and release it at night to moderate temperatures inside the greenhouse. Our […]

On into April: more bees, and seeds in the ground

With the warm weather we’ve been having, we were able to prep beds to seed our first planting of sugar snap peas this week. They should be fine through the snow this weekend, and hopefully won’t be slowed down too much by the lows in the teens that are predicted this week. Either way, it […]

4th week of March, 2016: a greenhouse!

We’ve been mulling over plans for greenhouses of various different flavors for the past few months–something to house our seedlings and our goats–and we finally reached the building stage this week. It’s made of a recycled carport frame, covered with a sheet of poly. Half of the greenhouse is a shelter for the goats. The […]