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Week of May 1

This delightfully drizzly gray day is perfect weather for transplanting seedlings, which is just what we need after a couple of relatively dry weeks (less than half an inch of rain in the past two weeks, according to our rain gauge)! Things have been quite busy around here–the usual spring mix of seeding in the greenhouse, bumping seedlings up into bigger pots, prepping beds for planting outside, and transplanting. Fortunately at this time of year most of the weeds aren’t doing much. Our high tunnel tomatoes are almost all in the ground now (but we recommend waiting at LEAST until the middle of the month to plant tomatoes outside). Hoping to start harvesting tomatoes a few weeks earlier this year–it’s never early enough! They’re interplanted with scallions and some fast-growing flowers to maximize the use of the coveted high tunnel space.

This week at the farm stand we’ll have lots of fresh spring greens spinach, salad mix, baby kale mix, arugula (lots!), baby bok choy, full-sized bok choy, broccoli rabe (finally lots!), Swiss chard, curly kale, cilantro & dill. Plus bouquets of tulips and the first of the ranunculus (including some exciting new colors this year). PLUS, our plant sale will take place every Saturday this month (with self-serve availability during daylight hours the rest of the week). This week’s plants will include a wide variety of culinary herbs and cold-hardy leafy greens, as well as some flowers to attract pollinators and beneficial insects to your gardens. Heat-loving plants like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and cukes will be available starting May 14 (but honestly, they will probably do better if you can wait until May 21 or 28 to plant them outside).

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